Managed Services makes you feel good.

We make sure IT is hassle-free. You pay us a monthly fee to make it happen. Sure, it sounds nice. But what does Managed Service really do for you?

You save time. And lots of it.

With CRDS Group in the background making IT work, you have much more time to do what you’re good at: running a company and growing the bottom line.

You don’t crash.

We monitor your network, which means we receive notifications when something is awry. We can fix problems before they become problems. So you don’t even notice the blips – you just keep on with business as usual.

You save money.

Compare the cost of an internal IT department to the cost of hiring CRDS Group. We have the same skillset and commitment to the company as an internal employee but we don’t demand the salary, the benefits, or the extended lunch breaks.

You improve the way you do business.

The more succinct your IT solution is, the smoother your business will run. They two go hand in hand. With CRDS Group, you not only get a tech support, you invariably get business support too.

You get more than a solution; you get a plan.

We don’t focus on solving problems so much as we do creating possibilities for future success. We assess your current situation and help you author an IT plan that is flexible enough to work now and evolve with you into the future.

You get VIP treatment.

We pass along partner pricing, pre-launch product information, and the latest info from our ongoing industry research. We are walking, talking encyclopedias of technology. And we actually like to help.