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Video: What Is Lync Online?

Video Lync Online – So, exactly what is Microsoft Lync Online? Lync communications software creates a virtual connection between you and the people you work with. It …

Video: Add a contact

Video Add a contact to your Contacts list in Lync with just two clicks.

Video: Send an Instant Message

Video Send an instant message in Lync to quickly reach contacts and get answers. For steps on sending an instant message, see Create and send an instant message .

Video: Start Multiple IM’s

Video Lync Online lets you exchange instant messages with multiple people in separate conversations. For steps on starting multiple instant message conversations, see…

Video: Make a call

Video Make a call with your laptop or PC using Lync by clicking a person in your Contacts list.

Video: Answer a call

Video Answer a call in Lync simply by clicking the incoming call alert.

Video: Add a note

Video Update your presence status in Lync by adding a specific note such as “out of office this afternoon”.

Video: Check a Contact’s Availability

Video Before scheduling a meeting or contacting someone, first check their availability. For steps on checking a contact’s availability, see “Track down a busy co-wor…

Video: Share a PowerPoint Presentation

Video Share a PowerPoint presentation during instant messages and conference calls in Lync to quickly share information with others.

Video: Share your desktop

Video Share your desktop in Lync during instant messages and conference calls to demonstrate and get everyone on the same page.

Video: Tag a contact

Video Tag a contact in Lync for status change alerts, and you’ll get notifications each time their presence status changes from one state to another.

Video: Share a Program

Video Show teammates what you’re looking at by sharing a program through Lync. For steps on sharing a program, see Share your desktop and programs .

Video: Change Your Status

Video Change your presence status Your presence is determined by a collection of attributes that describe your status, activity, location, willingness to communicate,…

Video: Find Missed Conversations

Video Find your missed conversations to call someone back quickly or review your call history. For steps on finding missed conversations, see Find previous conversati…

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